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Discovery Group Bible Study

Discovery Group Bible Study is a practical, inductive study of the Bible in a relaxed fun atmosphere that promotes conversation, fellowship and understanding.  If you've wanted to deepen your relationship with God by growing in your understanding of Him, if the Bible has seemed baffling, confusing or even boring, then this is the study for you.  Our current topic is a Survey of the History of Redemption — a chapter by chapter study, connecting God's great redemptive acts of the Old Testament to His promise of Messiah, and our lives today. 


Tuesdays, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. meeting at homes in the Magnolia Springs Subdivision, Harvest, AL.  Contact the pastor for this week's meeting place.  Zoom video conferencing is available upon request.  We're studying 2 Kings (1 and 2 Kings  were originally one Book, but were divided because of scroll size).  The Lord God has been extremely patient, two hundred and some years of patience, with the unbelieving, rebellious royalty and people of the Northern Kingdom or Israel, and sadly, their time is about up.  In 2 Kings 16, we see the idolatrous influence of the Northern Kingdom rubbing off on Judah and the Southern Kingdom.  King Ahaz of Judah is right in the middle of much famous prophecy from Isaiah and Amos, but sadly, tragically rejects it all to become one of the worst kings in Judah's history.  Yet, in an amazing twist, in a wondrous example of God's grace and patience, he is an ancestor of Jesus!  Join us! 

Download the Discussion Questions by clicking the tab on the right (bottom of the page on mobile).



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