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Discovery Group Bible Studies

Discovery Group Bible Studies are practical, inductive studies of the Bible in a relaxed fun atmosphere that promote conversation, fellowship and understanding. If you've wanted to deepen your relationship with God by growing in your understanding of Him, if the Bible has seemed baffling, confusing or even boring, then these are the studies for you.  Our current topic is a Survey of the History of Redemption — a chapter by chapter study, connecting God's great redemptive acts of the Old Testament to His promise of Messiah, and our lives today. 


Tuesdays, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. meeting at the Magnolia Springs Subdivision Clubhouse in Harvest.  We also continue to offer Zoom video conferencing; contact Betty, 256-721-2465, and she'll hook you up.  We're beginning 2 Kings -- 1 and 2 Kings  were originally one Book, but were divided because of scroll size.  The Kingdom of Israel has divided, the ten tribes to the north, called the Northern Kingdom or Israel, and two tribes to the south, called the Southern Kingdom or Judah.  The Northern Kingdom has had a succession of unbelieving kings, all of whom led the people into unbelief.  This was typified by Ahab and his evil pagan wife Jezebel.  The LORD has called the Prophet Elijah to confront Ahab's son Ahazaih and Israel's pagan Baal-Zebub worship, and in our current study, to prophecy the end of Ahazaih and Ahab's dynasty.  Join us! 

Download the Discussion Questions by clicking the tab on the right (at the bottom of the page on mobile).


Wednesdays, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m., in homes in the Monrovia area, the current study is 1 Chronicles 1.  The chronicler wrote to Jews returning to the ruins of Jerusalem after fifty years in captivity to remind them of the LORD's love for and faithfulness to His people, that He has not forsaken them, and that He will help and bless them if they will trust Him and follow His lead.  Chronicles is a book of hope written to people who looked around and saw little reason for it.

Download the Discussion Questions by clicking the tab on the right or at the bottom of the page on mobile.


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